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Baking Ingredients Functionality

Discover the science behind each ingredient's unique role in the art of baking. Explore how these components interact, influence texture, flavor, and structure, and learn the secrets to creating perfect baked goods every time. From flour to leavening agents, delve into the fascinating world of ingredient functionality and elevate your baking skills.

Structure and Texture Builders

Flours and starches

Leavening agents

Different rising agents in baking


Ingredients that regulates acid in baked products


Different sugars and sweeteners

Flavour enhancers

Aromatic ingredients that enhance taste and flavour

Mouthfeel enhancers

Ingredients that adds extra texture and mouthfeel

Softener & Tenderizers

Fats and oils

Binding Agents

Ingredients that bind and hold other ingredients together


Ingredients that enhance texture and improve shelf life

Salt and Seasoning

Ingredients that enhances flavour but also baking regulator

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