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MotherBee’s Caramel Cake

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Caramel Cake

Cake Base

Cake Flour – 270 grams

Corn Starch – 60 grams

Baking Powder – ¾ teaspoon

Baking Soda – ½ teaspoon

Milk – 190 grams

Cream – 100 grams

Dulce de leche – 30 grams

Oil – 85 grams

Egg yolk – 126 grams


Egg white – 250 grams

Cream of tartar – 1 tsp.

Salt – ½ tsp.

White sugar – 240 grams



1. Measure all ingredients for the egg yolk mixture.

2. Sift dry ingredients together (Flour, corn starch, baking powder, baking soda), set aside.

3. Mix in a bowl (Milk, Oil, dulce de leche, cream, Egg yolk).

4. In the liquid mixture, add sifted dry ingredients and mix thoroughly by hand making sure that all flour are properly dispersed. Mixture should be smooth and shiny. Set aside.

5. Add salt and cream of tartar into the egg white.

6. Mix on speed 1 or slowest speed egg white using a stand mixer or hand mixer until frothy (3 minutes)

7. Add White sugar slowly.

8. Change speed to medium high and continue to mix for another 7 to 8 minutes (until medium peak is reached).

9. Fold Egg yolk mixture to the egg white mixture carefully until mixture is homogenous.

10. Transfer into lined cake tin and bake.


10”x 3” inches – 1 hour and 20 minutes @ 150C

9”x 1” inches (divide batter into 3 pans) – 30 to 35 minutes @ 150

11. Cool cake completely.

Caramel Buttercream

Butter – 700 grams

Caramel sauce – 300 grams



1. Whisk butter until light in color and fluffy.

2. Add the cold caramel sauce and continue mixing until the mixture is well combined.

3. Set aside until needed.


Caramel Sauce


White sugar – 300 grams

Butter – 120 grams

Thick cream – 150 grams

Vanilla – 10 grams


1. Microwave the cream and butter together for 30 seconds and stir. Repeat the procedure until all of the butter is melted. Keep it warm.

2. Caramelize white sugar on direct heat very low fire, let the sugar melt and let it reach the golden brown color.

3. When you reached the desired color, immediately pour the warm cream-butter mixture into the caramel. Be careful because the mixture will boil rapidly and will splatter.

4. Cook mixture in very low heat (direct fire) with continuous stirring.

5. As soon as it simmers, pour slurry mixture and stir continuously until it thickens up. Remove from the stove immediately.

6. Add the vanilla and mix.

7. Get half of the mixture and let it cool down completely.


Cake assembly

1. Pipe caramel buttercream around each cake layer and chill for 5 minutes.

2. Fill each layer cake with cold caramel icing.

3. Put each layer of the cake on top to each other.

4. Ice the top and the sides of the cake with caramel buttercream. Smoothen sides and top using a pallet knife.

5. Chill the cake for 30 minutes then pour warm caramel icing into the cake to create a drip cake.

6. Decorate with fresh fruits, flowers, nuts and chocolates.

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