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What to do after you leave your job - Embracing the Journey: Reflections of a Newbee

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Over the past two years, my life has undergone unexpected changes that have left me pondering whether they lead to good or bad outcomes.

Creating Newbee, my Facebook group, brought with it a whirlwind of surprises - the highs and lows, challenges, frustrations, failures, and triumphs.

Amidst the uncertainties, there have been positives too. I’ve made new friends, fulfilled dreams, and celebrated small victories. However, as the group’s founder, I now bear the weight of responsibility - guiding and supporting followers who look to me for assistance and guidance. It’s an immense and daunting role to fulfill. At times, I find myself questioning if this is truly the path I desire and if I’m truly achieving personal growth.

Even with my book launch, I’m still grappling with confusion. How do we truly measure success? I took a leap of faith and left my job to pursue my dreams, but will these dreams sustain my financial needs?

Recently, I’ve been contemplating what the next chapter of my life holds. What does the future have in store? Should I worry about it or embrace the journey without overthinking?

As I navigate this phase, I realize that life is a series of uncertainties and learning experiences. It’s about embracing the unknown and taking one step at a time. The road ahead may be uncertain, but with passion and determination, I believe we can find success in unexpected places.

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