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Who is MotherBee?

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

“From Candy Sales to Culinary Queen: Analiza Badilles, the MotherBee of Newbee Baking & Cooking International”

Meet Analiza Badilles, fondly known as MotherBee, the nurturing force behind the thriving Facebook group Newbee Baking & Cooking International. Just like a devoted mother hen, she cares for her vast hive of members, guiding and supporting them on their culinary journey.

Growing up in a simple family, Analiza’s early entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly as she secretly transformed her school baon into a small candy-selling business at the tender age of 8. With determination and ingenuity, she gradually expanded her food ventures, creating ice candy and pastillas during summer breaks and even baking her very first chiffon cake at the age of 11.

Living among priests and nuns at Mary the Queen Parish church, Analiza was offered a scholarship to a Catholic private school. Surrounded by the spiritual influence of the church, she developed a strong sense of discipline and focus. Her love for baking and cooking blossomed during her high school years, where she excelled in Home Economics and discovered her passion for food and chemistry.

Choosing to pursue Food Technology at the University of Santo Tomas, Analiza’s path to becoming a food technologist was set, leading her to work with prestigious food companies in the Philippines. Her journey didn’t stop there; a 10-year plan culminated in her migration to New Zealand, where she continued to excel in the food industry, gaining invaluable experiences in various companies.

An ardent believer in community support and mutual growth, Analiza founded Newbee Baking & Cooking International, a hive of like-minded individuals sharing their passion for culinary creations. The group’s members lovingly refer to her as MotherBee, a title that embodies her caring and guiding nature towards newcomers.

The symbol of bees resonates deeply with Analiza, as bees exemplify unity, hard work, and mutual aid within a hive. Her group thrives on these core values, fostering a culture of support and encouragement.

Drawing inspiration from her parents’ selfless acts of helping others, Analiza envisions a future where she can establish a foundation to empower young people and mothers by imparting valuable skills.

As she continues to impart her culinary wisdom and kindness to her thriving community, MotherBee’s legacy is firmly rooted in making a positive difference in the lives of those she touches. With her heart and hive open, she welcomes newcomers and veterans alike, ensuring that the sweet taste of success is shared by all.

Join the buzz and experience the warm embrace of MotherBee’s hive, where the passion for baking and cooking unites souls, and where every member contributes to the collective joy of creating something delightful and nourishing.

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