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Motherbee's Food Adventure - Discovering Bana-apple: A Surprising Banana Experience

Updated: Sep 17, 2023


In the realm of fruits, some encounters can be truly unexpected and delightful. Today, I had the pleasure of discovering a banana variety labeled as Bana-apple, a product hailing from the Philippines. Despite being born and raised in the country, this unique banana had eluded me throughout my life until now, here in New Zealand. Its shape differed slightly from the usual bananas I am accustomed to, and the taste presented a curious blend that neither strongly resembled bananas nor lived up to its apple claim. Join me as I recount my first experience with this intriguing fruit and uncover its subtle nuances.

My daughter surprised me with a banana labeled as Bana-apple, a product from the Philippines. It’s fascinating how, despite being born and raised in the Philippines, I have never come across this banana before. Today, here in New Zealand, I finally had the opportunity to taste it.

While the shape of this banana is familiar, it differs from the usual varieties I encounter back home. The taste, however, doesn’t strongly resemble either bananas or apples, as claimed on the label. To truly capture its subtleties, I had to close my eyes and silence my other senses, focusing solely on my taste buds. Eventually, I detected an extremely faint apple-like essence towards the end of each bite. The overall flavor profile is not very sweet, with a slight, delicate sourness.

In terms of texture, this banana falls somewhere between soft and firm. Personally, I still have a preference for the smaller, sweeter varieties like lady finger, which boast a distinct and robust banana flavor. Nonetheless, I must say this Bana-apple banana is still enjoyable to eat.

It’s intriguing how food can introduce us to new experiences, even within our own cultural backgrounds. Trying this unique banana variety has certainly been an interesting journey.

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