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Olaf my Olaf!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Here is the finished product prior to delivery.

Creating Magic in the Rush: Olaf Cake and Frozen Cupcakes

Once again, I found myself immersed in the delightful chaos of creating, this time, another Olaf cake and enchanting Frozen-themed cupcakes. In the whirlwind of balancing family, work, and my beloved hobby, I’ve become quite accustomed to crafting cakes amidst the rush of life.

I embarked on this sweet adventure by baking the chocolate moist cake a day before the big day. The topper for this cake was my late-night masterpiece. But as any experienced baker knows, surprises are part of the package, and I was soon faced with unexpected challenges.

I’ve learned that creating the topper well in advance is crucial. It allows the fondant to set, harden, and dry, preventing potential disasters where Olaf might not hold together. But, I also didn’t want to bake the cake too far ahead to maintain its freshness.

So, after completing the cake, I decided to place the topper on it and let it set overnight. With only a few precious hours left before the delivery deadline, I needed to make sure Olaf was ready.

Now, here comes the fun part. To support Olaf while he dried, I had to get creative. The cake I chose was the timeless favorite, Chocolate Moist Cake, filled and crumb-coated with sumptuous chocolate ganache made from Whittakers 50% Dark Block Chocolate. The rich, velvety texture and bold chocolate flavor of Whittaker’s Dark Block make it my go-to choice for ganache. Their unwavering commitment to high-quality chocolate ensures a result that meets my demanding standards.

The fondant I used was Bakels Pettinice White Icing. While it’s known for its softness, I found it a bit too soft to handle, regardless of the weather or temperature. I’ve carefully examined Bakels’ ingredients, and I suspect that one particular ingredient contributes to this texture. It can be both an advantage and disadvantage for decorators like me.

I often have to add more icing sugar and tylose to make it workable. Still, I have grown accustomed to it. My personal preference, however, is another New Zealand brand - Royalty White Icing Ready to Roll. It’s notably firmer, easier to handle, and more cost-effective. I usually find it at Pak N Save, although it’s a bit elusive at Countdown, which happens to be more accessible from my location.

For the cupcakes, I opted for a simple American Buttercream Icing. It was my first time attempting this particular design, and I was pleasantly surprised that my version turned out even better than those I had seen on the internet.

Fear not, fellow baking enthusiasts! I promise to share my cherished recipes for the chocolate moist cake/cupcakes, chocolate ganache, and buttercream icing very soon. But for now, my creative mind and tired body must surrender to the sweet embrace of sleep. Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!

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