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A Delightful Morning Treat: Mushroom Congee and Blue Cheese Cupcake

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Mushroom Congee
Mushroom Congee

Greetings, fellow foodies! Today, in this part of the world, we are greeted with a wet morning, but that won’t dampen our culinary spirits. Let me share with you a delightful dish that I whipped up with some creative kitchen magic.

The story behind this mouthwatering Mushroom Congee begins last Monday when I cooked glutinous rice with the intention of making a delectable chocolate rice congee (champurrado). However, I ended up with an abundance of boiled glutinous rice. Determined not to let any food go to waste, I set out to create another delicious dish.

Scouring my fridge and pantry, I gathered various ingredients to give life to this new culinary adventure. After my little one enjoyed a meal of fried chicken with rice, there were some chicken meat, bones, and rice left over. Inspiration struck, and I decided to infuse the water with the essence of the chicken by boiling it. I then proceeded to sauté garlic and onions, adding leeks, a leaf of celery, two button mushrooms, fish sauce, and ground pepper to elevate the flavors.

Once the aromatic base was ready, I introduced the shredded chicken meat, two tablespoons of leftover rice, and the chicken stock into the mix. As the congee gently simmered, the flavors harmonized beautifully, creating a mouthwatering and comforting dish that would be perfect for brunch.

Pairing the Congee with a Blue Cheese Cupcake

To make this brunch truly exceptional, I decided to pair the Mushroom Congee with a delectable Blue Cheese Cupcake. The contrasting flavors of the savory congee and the tangy, creamy cupcake created an extraordinary combination that delighted my taste buds.

And so, on this wet morning, I indulged in the delightful pairing of Mushroom Congee and Blue Cheese Cupcake. The rich, earthy notes of the congee perfectly complemented the zesty nuances of the cupcake, making it a morning to remember.

In the world of culinary experimentation, sometimes unexpected leftovers lead to the creation of extraordinary dishes. Today, my kitchen adventure resulted in a delectable Mushroom Congee that I thoroughly enjoyed, especially when paired with a divine Blue Cheese Cupcake. So, if you find yourself with leftover ingredients, let your creativity take over and see what delightful concoctions you can create. Until next time, fellow food enthusiasts!

A wet morning today at this part of the world. This is the only thing I manged to prepare.

Mushroom congee. The real story is, I cooked the glutinous rice last monday because I want to eat that chocolate rice congee (tama ba champurado) but I only get portions and put chocolate. I still have left today. After feeding Seb with KFC fried chicken with rice he have some chicken meat/bones and rice left. What I did was i decided to boil water to extract some flavor of the chicken, sauted garlic and onion, put some leeks, a leaf of celery, 2 button mushrooms, fish sauce and ground pepper. I added the shredded chicken meat, left over rice from seb (2 Tbsp), chicken stock. Now i have a very tasty and delicious brunch match with my blue cheese cup cake.

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